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Chuckle Sound Connection Overview of 2015/2016 Results

The Sound Connection project commenced in 2015. In the first year of the project, a number of notable developments for the participants were observed. All data collected has been evaluated within the Youth Music Quality Framework and the Sounds Of Intent Framework. Parents and families have given positive feedback. They have noted significant changes in their child since attending, for example one child has begun to interact, by inviting siblings to play, when routinely he played alone, isolated. Outcomes include … 90% of attendees have no other independent hobby 60% of attendees have increased their functional speech (one child previously had not spoken 80% of participants have increased eye contact 80% of participant now allow increased communication through imitation and connective therapy, and allow more contact within their own physical space, parents have reported more emotional responses such as hugging, cuddling, requesting attention etc. 90% of participants now acknowledge others 100% of participants now interact regularly (at least 1 of 2 occasions) with one or more musical instruments 100% of participants have shown a preference for specific instruments 70% will sit within a group circle and take part in a group activity. 60% will now follow basic instructions such as “take your shoes off” “play the shaker” etc. 90% of parents have reported a positive response from their child when "Chuckle Music" is mentioned 60% of parents have started to see their child interact with music more in the home setting For 90% of attendees this was the only independent hobby they accessed Testimonials  “Just to say how delighted I am regarding A and his involvement in the Sound Connection group on Saturdays. You can see how attending these sessions regularly is so beneficial for children at all levels - socially, emotionally as well as his involvement with music which has really started to take off. He has joined the school choir and chooses to go regularly every week. He has also just taken part in the school show in the choir. Neither of these A would have been interested in before attending this group. He will now choose to listen to certain music in the car and he will attempt to sing himself to very familiar songs. This is all down to the hard work you all do in the Sound Connection group and how valuable these sessions are. The impact that Sound Connection and music has is phenomenal on children with additional needs, enabling them to access pleasure which everyone else can take for granted” “My child’s signing skills have progressed greatly and his range of vocal sounds has increased too” “My child is affectionate with a wider range of people now and will even seek out completely new people to interact with” “He is more animated, happy and motivated, socially more confident in different situations with people who are not family or close friends” “My child is now looking around at people, and taking notice of his surroundings which he didn’t do before. School have also mentioned that D is much more verbal and responsive within the classroom environment” “My child has always loved music, singing and dancing and the Sound Connection project has reached her on a new level I believe. It has enhanced her interest and enthusiasm and increased her confidence, which is wonderful, as music and dance make her so happy!
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